Sound familiar?

An excerpt from Samuel Mordecai’s Richmond In By-Gone Days eloquently reminisces on the “flush times” Richmond experienced after the War of 1812, during the mid-late 18-teens, and it sounds quite familiar to what many markets across the country are recovering from today.  He is quoting Washington Irving’s description of speculative real estate mania from the … Continue reading Sound familiar?

Matching carriages in Latrobe perspectives

Latrobe made his presentation perspective on the “Clifton” house on this particular piece of ground just come to life.  Just as he had done with previous, important presentation drawings for residential commissions such as the Pennock House or Sedgeley Villa, he depicted the owners of the home engaged in some activity, and even illustrated the … Continue reading Matching carriages in Latrobe perspectives

Creating a chronology of architect George Tolman – update

New additions to the chronology are highlighted in blue.

As I research George Russell Tolman, a Richmond architect transplanted from New England and once parter of Richmond’s “dean of architecture” Marion J. Dommon, I am developing a chronology of his life events.  Here is what I have so far:

1848, Dec 5 George Russell Tolman born to Joseph & Elizabeth Tolman in Boston, Mass

1860 Living in Boston with parents (Boston Ward II, Suffolk, MA), age 11

1870 Living in Boston with sister’s family, brother & father; employed as a draftsman

1870s Partners with George F. Moffette to form Boston firm, Moffette and Tolman

1876 Moffette and Tolman design Charlestown Savings Bank

1880, Jun 9 Living in Boston w/ sister’s family (Ulmans’), brother & father.  Brother Albert & George listed as architects

1882 Illustrates “12 sketches of old Boston buildings”

1888, Oct Married to Eva Frances Tolman in Boston, Mass

1887 Illustrates for Porter’s Rambles in Old Boston, New England

1888, Oct Married to Eva Frances Tolman in Boston, MA

1889, Jun Leaves Boston, MA (and wife), possibly for Kittery, ME

1889 Works for Treasury Department as a draftsman at Kittery, ME Navy Yard Continue reading “Creating a chronology of architect George Tolman – update”