A Visit to 819 S. Cathedral Place

100_1473On Tuesday of this week, I was very fortunate to meet with Mr. Walter Harrow from the Virginia Baptist Mission Board who was so incredibly kind to give me a tour of 819 South Cathedral Place, the westernmost unit of our row.  This is also the unit that appears to be the first sale and deed transfer from developer John C. Shafer to George Stevens in 1892.

It is understandable why this home was so desirable.  George Stevens was already residing on the row two houses down at 815 Floyd Avenue and evidently liked the location.  He was married and probably living with a few small children as well as an in-law, according to the Richmond Directories of that time.  819 was built with a slightly wider footprint, and of course being on the end offered more windows for added light and circulation, which couldn’t hurt the full household.  And, Stevens was headed up the ladder towards distinguished success at Chesapeake & Ohio Rail.  He was in the position to make the purchase of a comfortable residence for his family. Continue reading “A Visit to 819 S. Cathedral Place”

Matching Porch Styles Around Town

As I’ve driven around over the past few weeks I find myself paying less attention to landmarks and more to the architectural details of the homes I pass, specifically porches.  Every so often my eye catches some familiar lattice work and I conduct a sudden turn at the nearest intersection to go around the block for a second look, most often resulting in a super-stealth photo session.  I revisited many of these sites again and again, and have compared their details to that of the three porches existing on 811, 813 and 817 South Cathedral Place.  I believe their manufacturer to be the match of possibly two other sites.  The other porches I have come across exhibit variants in detail that make me believe they are from other manufacturers.  However, uncovering the manufacturer of at least our row has yet to materialize.   Continue reading “Matching Porch Styles Around Town”