Findings on George W. Stevens, resident of 819

Some small developments and findings on George W. Stevens, so far first owner-occupier of one of the row houses.  His obituary printed in the New York Times notes his sudden death while dictating a letter at the age of 69.  He had four children, the first his only girl, Helen Stevens who married Episcopal minister Rev. John J. Gravatt.  So, we now know that most likely the property was transferred to Helen by will, then sold (transferred by deed) by the Gravatts to the Holzgrefe sisters in 1942.

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1897 Resident of 813 Floyd Avenue Makes National Headlines

According to Richmond directories in 1897, the Freemans who resided at 813 Floyd Avenue were joined by Dr. Ernest C. Levy and his wife Rachel, a couple who were probably looking for a more suburban address than their prior East Grace Street home.  Dr. Levy was a City Health Officer, and was later promoted to Chief Health Officer and made national headlines in a 1911 New York Times article for his prediction that the African American race would be extinct by the 21st century.  Levy was obviously way off base with this incredulous prediction! Continue reading “1897 Resident of 813 Floyd Avenue Makes National Headlines”